Data Ceneter & Infrastructure

Industry-leading Network

As part of our continuing commitment to provide exceptional reliability and service to our customers, nVira provides a sophisticated infrastructure that includes Tier 3 data centers. Our infrastructure utilizes leading-edge technologies and security features that help support increased demand for our hosting services, including:

Data Center Server
  • Best-in-class Internet bandwidth/transit
    With direct connections to major national and international Internet backbones, our data center is rated at 99.999% up time.

  • Redundant power sources
    Two independent power substations and multiple on-premise backup generators—boasting 72 hours of standby fuel—provide superior power redundancy.

  • State-of-the-art controlled suites
    Temperature-controlled rooms with permanent walls and raised floors permit floor-standing equipment and some of the most sophisticated amenities.

  • Biometric security
    The highest levels of protection, including retinal scans, and around-the-clock monitoring ensure safety and security.

  • Low catastrophic risk locations
    nVira operates in low catastrophic risk location in Ottawa, Ontario greatly reducing the chances of disruption due to natural disasters.