Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This is an optional Agreement ONLY available to our clients who have purchased a Monitoring Service.

This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") covers performance guarantees for our network and server hardware, and is made between nVira Inc. and you (the client). This document may be updated from time to time, and will be located online at Clients are responsible for checking this document from time to time, as notifications of updates will not be made.

Service Uptime

We guarantee a server uptime of 99.5% per calendar month.
This guarantuee is in effect as long as the server is managed by nVira. This is to insure that any additional software installations or configurations will not jeopardize the stability of the server. Any time the server is unavailable, will be counted towards it's downtime, this INCLUDES scheduled maintenance upgrades.


If the server uptime for the month is between 99.0 - 99.5% then we will refund 1/5 the rental fee
If the server uptime for the month is between 98.5 - 98.9% then we will refund 2/5's the rental fee
If the server uptime for the month is between 98.0 - 98.4% then we will refund 3/5's the rental fee
If the server uptime for the month is less than 98.0% then we will provide a FULL refund for that month


To ensure compliance with the SLA we will monitor the services from a geographically separate location. This service will ping the server and query the FTP and HTTP ports. A report every month will be mailed to the client. nVira has up to 2 weeks to setup the server before the SLA comes into effect and the monitoring begins.


This SLA guarantee would not apply to the following events:
If the clients ISP providor has network problems,
if the internet in general has network related issues,
if the Website exceeds 100+ simultaneous connections, causing additional connections to time out,
if executable software is installed WITHOUT the prior consent of nVira.
if the server is reconfigured WITHOUT the prior consent of nVira.