The Difference

Here I why you should host with us and what is included with our service. Does your current host provide all this?

Managed Domain registration, transfer and renewal.

If your domain name expires, you stand a chance of losing it - and your website will be down and your email will stop working. By allowing us to manage your domains, you will not receive shady bills from fraudulent companies; and you will not have problems renewing it because the registered email is the personal email of a past employee.

Managed Web Hosting

When you host with nVira, we take care of everything. You will not have to worry about setting or adjusting technical specification that are required with the do-it-yourself hosting companies. Do you really want to set your own DNS and MX records, ODBC Connections, etc… nVira is a full service company, and the small premium you pay for full service will be the best investment you make all year. Managing your account, setting up an email account, creating an FTP account  - it’s all just a phone call or email away.


We deploy the most advanced security appliances to protect your web site, email and data. Our network inspects (in real time) all ongoing web traffic and scans and prevents thousands of attacks before they reach your website. We deploy the same secure encryption algorithms that are utilized by Banks to protect the data submitted by your customers. Your email is scanned and inspected in real time for all know viruses, phishing attempts and spam to protect you and your company network.


Your website is monitored from several locations around the world and we are notified immediately if a problem is detected. Other hosting companies do not provide this and there are providers that charge substantial monthly fees for this service but this service is included when you host with nVira.

Statistics and Web Metrics

With our hosting service you will receive a web metrics package that will show you where your visitors are coming from, what they are interested in and what converts them into a successful client or a lead. Other hosting companies will only give you access to your raw logs or at best will give you a single page with the number of visitors and page views and to receive the same level of statistics you will have to purchase expensive packages that cost thousands or subscribe to services that are billed at hundreds per month.


From small business websites, to multinational corporate clients, nVira offers un-beatable customer service and leading edge technical infrastructure. We provide optimal performance and a minimum of 99% up-time availability on triple back-up, hot swappable enterprise level servers with automatic failover. We partner with the leading Canadian solution providers to make your company cutting-edge member of the internet.