Network Maintenance

Our Network Team is managing number of complex networks including our advanced Data Center.

We can provide the same level of service to your local network and minimize downtime and lost of business because of it. We will provide initial assessment of your current network and will develop a maintenance and backup plan to insure maximum availability and quick disaster recovery.

We use the most advanced network management tools and in most cases will be able to correct network problems remotely therefore minimizing your downtime. For critical problems where remote access is not possible, our response time is typically less than 60 minutes.

Because our support staff is vendor certified and has years of experience, will troubleshoot the problem and correct it faster than your network nerd with the red Beatle. We don’t have “geeks”, “nerds” or “grade A students”, just highly qualified professionals.

Our yearly network maintenance plans start from $500 per workstation/server per year and includes number of free hours for maintenance and support per month.