New offer for Nvira — Interview with Bruno Dupré, Director – Impact Assessment

At Nvira, it is well known that progress is an integral part of every action of our teams of environmental solutions experts. Whether it is by optimizing the solutions we offer to our clients, or by developing new offers to integrate into our ecosystem, we want to support our clients at all stages of their projects.

To support our growth and to be even more present in the preliminary stages of projects of our various clienteles, we are offering a new service that fits perfectly into our existing ecosystem.

In an interview with Bruno Dupré, M.Sc., Director—Impact Assessment, discover how this new Impact Assessment service offering improves our ecosystem in every way.

Why an impact assessment offer at Nvira?

Adding the impact assessment service to the Nvira ecosystem allows us to engage even earlier in our clients’ projects. Indeed, with this expertise, we can support our clients from the first stages of design in the environmental permitting process, for any type of project, but also for the impact studies required for several real estate and industrial projects.

When applying for permits and authorizations, our experts can support and advise our clients to make the right requests to the ministère de l’Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC) or other federal or provincial authorities to ensure the regulatory compliance of their new project. This support can help avoid certain issues and delays that may arise at the start of the project, but also during construction.

In addition, the impact studies carried out by our experts are very useful to our various clienteles, because they make it possible to identifiy, at the early stages of a project, some important elements or ecological and environmental constraints to be taken into consideration in a project’s design stages.

Our impact assessment offering gives our clients access to experts who can support them in the preliminary stages of their project.

Louis-Gabriel Bouchard, President and CEO of Nvira

What can our impact assessment experts do?

Our impact assessment experts have a wide variety of expertise, which allows us to be present throughout our clients’ projects.

Environmental and social impact assessment

Environmental and social impact assessments are carried out by our teams prior to any new project to ensure compliance with government requirements. These impact assessments can act as due diligence for our clients in the execution of their projects. They generally support applications for environmental permits and authorizations.

Permit and authorization requests

Our impact assessment experts can support our clients throughout the process of applying for environmental permits and authorizations required by the MELCC or other federal or provincial authorities for the execution of a project.

Natural environments

Our expertise allows us to develop survey protocols for different types of habitats, such as natural environments and wetlands. Our team can also assist in the implementation of development plans and ecological restoration of habitats to bring them to an ecologically responsible level, which meets regulatory requirements and harmoniously integrates with the surrounding environment.

In addition to carrying out ecological and geomatic mapping of environments, our teams can characterize plant and wildlife habitats in order to properly describe the receiving environment of a project or simply to update the status of a site.

Surveillance and impacts monitoring

During project execution, our teams carry out monitoring, keeping in mind the various regulatory compliance requirements and of the authorizations received to limit the environmental and social impacts that could arise. In addition and when required, we do post-construction follow-up to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the environmental protection measures put in place during the work.

Sustainability audit

The sustainability audits that we perform allow our clients to fully understand and identify the various environmental and social issues related to their projects. When the issues are well identified, our experts support our clients to put in place solutions that are adapted to the environment.

We are present at all times to guide our client in their decision-making, and thus, create sustainable projects that respect the environment around us.

Bruno Dupré, Director – Impact Assessment at Nvira

When to involve with our impact assessment experts?

Whether it is to reduce the environmental impacts of a company’s activities, to obtain a new certificate of authorization for the expansion of a factory, for the implementation of impact offsetting measures, or even for a sustainability audit of an organization’s practices, our impact assessment experts can advise our clients in the real estate and industrial sectors for all these types of projects.

In collaboration with our colleagues of the landscape architecture team, we can also support our clients in their shoreline restoration projects so that they are properly carried out, while including sustainable practices.

The spirit of collaboration within Nvira allows us to unite the strengths of each team to offer integrated solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our clients, while being sustainable and respectful of the environment around us.

Michaël Potvin, Director – Landscape architecture at Nvira

For projects requiring environmental permit and authorizations, such as projects located in wetlands or natural environments or projects involving fish habitat, for example, our impact assessment team offers constant support during these preliminary stages.

During the construction stages of a commercial, industrial, or real estate project, several phases may require the presence of experts in the field to ensure compliance with the conditions of authorization. Our team can therefore carry out environmental monitoring, environmental management specifications, sediment and water characterization, shoreline and ecological restoration as well as environmental compliance monitoring.

Finally, thanks to the close collaboration and proximity that exist between the different Nvira teams, we can support our clients in dealing with contaminated sites.

The recognized expertise of our site remediation team allows us to provide soil, water, and sediments characterization services, as well as human health and ecological risk assessment, technical impracticability, all while directing our clients to the best solutions. Our experts can also assist in environmental emergency situations, thanks to our 24/7 service available throughout the territory.

Our teams of experts in site remediation and impact assessment work together to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients from various domains.

Martin Dostie, Director – Geoenvironment and site remediation at Nvira

Due to our extensive experience in the environmental domain, our team is the ideal partner for all real estate, finance, insurance, industrial, and commercial projects.

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