Our concern for sustainability for each project

At Nvira, we are committed to the notion of sustainability and that is why we make sure that our clients’ projects last over time while having a low impact on our environment. Our soil and materials experts support our clients in the preliminary stages of a project, but also throughout its construction. In the next lines, you will find out what sets our geotechnical and materials engineering experts apart.

Why choose Nvira for soil studies?

Whether it is with our team of technicians, project managers, or directors, everyone is in a solution mode and collaborate to set up sustainable projects that suit our client’s needs. Our processes as well as our speed of intervention allow us to be proactive and to work as a team in order to optimize each of our achievements.

It is essential for us to support our clients in the pre-project stages. In this way, we can offer sustainable solutions to optimize their achievements, and therefore their longevity.

– Pierre-Philippe Levasseur, P.Eng, Director—Geotechnical engineering

Moreover, because of our experience, we can intervene on construction sites to carry out second opinions and give our input on various issues. Our recognized expertise for projects in uncertain soils allows us to listen to our clients and offer a plan to allow them to optimize the materials to be used for its construction.

A certified laboratory for infallible results

As we have our own ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory, we guarantee that our tests and analysis are carried out to the highest industry standards. This way, we can validate the quality of materials used in projects. Our laboratory experts carry out tests and analysis of concrete, soil, and aggregates.

No matter what type of analysis our clients wish to do, we have the expertise to perform them directly in our laboratory. The tests on the aggregate carried out according to the ASTM, BNQ and LC standards allow us to guarantee the quality of the materials. As for concrete tests, they allow us to assess the strengths of concrete.

Here are the different analysis we perform in our test laboratory:

• Sampling of aggregate sources

• Granulometry

• Petrographic analysis of aggregates

• IPPG and pyrite analysis

• Various analyzes on clay materials

• Proctor testing

• Intrinsic characteristics of aggregates (Micro-Deval and Los Angeles)

• Soil permeability

• Compression tests on concrete

Our expertise in soil and materials

Geotechnical engineering

As much as it is important to know if the soil of a site is contaminated before starting a construction project, it is also essential to characterize and analyze it to know if it can indeed support a new structure. The geotechnical study, often done at the same time as the environmental studies that are carried out by our colleagues specialized in the environmental field, is one of the preliminary stages of any construction project. For our clients working in the real estate development field, the geotechnical study is necessary to move forward with the construction of any new building.

In addition to the geotechnical study, our team can provide site monitoring to ensure the quality of the materials used for the project.

Our various expertise allows us to be a trusted partner for our clients, as we can support them in their sustainable projects while guaranteeing the quality of the materials used.

– Éric Thomassin-Lacroix, M.Sc., MBA, Vice President | Operations

In order to offer you the best solutions for your projects, our experts can perform various analyzes:

• Soil bearing capacity

• Clay shear strength

• Water level on site

• Frost line

• Seismic site class

• Reuse of excavation materials

• Rock swelling potential

• Pavement structure to be implemented

• Slope stability

Materials engineering

During the construction of a project, our team of materials engineering experts ensures the quality control of the materials used to guarantee the quality and durability of the works. Our experts support you in the control of the following materials to ensure that your project is a success:

• Concrete

• Soils and aggregates

• Coated

• Structure and metallurgy

In all cases, we are present at all stages: before, during, and after construction to monitor materials and to ensure that plans and specifications are being followed. Our team can also intervene following problems such as concrete degradation or slab lifting, for example. Due to our expertise, we can implement various solutions to resolve these situations, while limiting costs and additional work.

A trusted partner for your projects

Whatever the needs of our clients, our team of experts strives for excellence and this is what drives them to offer quality services, while making sure to put in place sustainable solutions. To learn more about our comprehensive offering of environmental solutions, one of our latest blog posts may interest you!