Teleworking, the Nvira formula

Teleworking, the Nvira formula

At Nvira, teleworking is now part of our Employee Package.

It is a new work reality that has turned us all upside down in the past year! Traditionally, teleworking has been, at Nvira as in many organizations, an occasional privilege for our team members. Depending on their role, some could thus request it to their manager to accommodate themselves to their family, personal, or even leisure obligations.

In the past year, we have learned a lot. We quickly adapted to mandatory and provoked teleworking. We worked very hard to help each other and allow our team of managers to exercise their leadership in this new management style. We have also developed tricks to maintain our close relationship between colleagues, partners, and clients, despite the daily challenges caused by remote work and the omnipresence of the virtual world.

For our entire team, close relationships also mean connecting with our clients to build and foster authentic, compassionate relationships.

Our experience over the past few months, combined with research into the experiences of organizations like ours and others completely outside of our industry, has led us to define our guideline for teleworking.

We knew from the start that our vision of teleworking at Nvira had to include a notion of flexibility. In this sense, surveys and internal conversations quickly made us realize that the Nvira experts wanted, on one hand, to maintain the developed freedom in the chosen workplace, and on the other hand, to see each other in 3D! Reconciling the private and professional lives of each member of the team has therefore become a key issue to maintain, especially in an organization like ours, where our experts are the strength of the solutions we offer to our clients. Our values of proximity and collaboration also encourage us to think about interactions: How to maintain this authentic and human contact while being located throughout the province?

At Nvira, collaboration means a dedicated team that is committed to client satisfaction. Our work environment nurtures professional excellence.

Teleworking at Nvira is …

Over the last months, we are proud to have built a teleworking policy based on a concept of flexibility, that is, the employee chooses where he wants to work. An important point to note is that there is no longer any question of “asking for special permission” to have access to work remotely! Of course, collaboration and synchronization by managers are essential to make this novelty a success story.

A list of simple criteria has also been established to determine whether an employee is eligible for this privilege, including the realism of fulfilling their role remotely, autonomy in the position and access to an adequate teleworking area. In this sense, we are already seeing that this is concrete proof of the trust we place in our team and that we lead them to take responsibility for their role and the impact they have on the success of their projects.

In addition, to create, develop and maintain authentic relationships between colleagues of the same team, but also between different teams, a weekly presence is required in the official offices of Nvira. This contact, eagerly awaited by many, aims to forge these informal links, and generate relevant conversations. We gave Nvira offices a flavour that represents our culture: Bright, unifying, and inspiring. What more could you ask for?

After all, we believe that the mix of flexibility, empowerment of Nvira employees and maintaining human contact will be a winning formula!

Is that all?

Of course, nothing is perfect. Is this our final version? Obviously not! Our value of progress constantly pushes us to improve ourselves and question our ways of doing things. However, we believe that it was important to quickly position ourselves to be already in action and, thus, accelerate our progress.

The most recent training workshop broadcast by Nvira focused on Efficiently manage your time and priorities. This workshop, presented by the Talent & Culture team, presented the concepts of: listening to your internal clocks and maintaining a healthy work balance! Nothing better than a modern teleworking policy like ours to meet these principles, right?

This new topic, which initially drew nagging words to many of us, now turns out to be an essential part of our Employee Package, which is all the benefits offered to members of the Nvira team. This strong positioning allows us to respect our values, while offering the flexibility sought by current and future Nvira employees.

What Is the Nvira Employee Package?

Having become a well-known expression internally, the Employee Package represents all the benefits offered to all team members. Whether it is access to the group insurance program, the group RRSP and DPSP, the employee assistance program, the Nvira Boutique (to purchase Nvira custom items!), the possibilities of professional development, and even career progression, the benefits are numerous for our experts. We develop the package in such a way that it meets what employees want or need daily!

Discover the current package, of course, still evolving!

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