The energy of our daily actions

At Nvira, our business lines support our clients in their projects, always having in mind our vision to work together to create the environment of the future. Due to our offer of integrated and personalized expert consulting and project management services, our specialized energy teams can support our real estate, industrial, commercial, and institutional clients in all types of projects.

With our expertise and our strong presence in the oil and real estate industries, we can continue to develop our offer to cover our three areas of intervention: environment, energy, and sustainability. This development allows us to support our customers with their needs as well as through the energy transition, and, thus, improving the energy efficiency of their sites.

In the current context of energy transition, we are well positioned to continue to push forward our customers’ projects. At Nvira, we are putting everything in place to support them in this development.

– Louis-Gabriel Bouchard, President & CEO

In the next few lines, you will discover how our energy business line is in constant motion to be anchored in our future actions, while continuing to support our current clients along our three lines of intervention.

What sets us apart from the competition

Whether in energy efficiency, construction management, or asset management, our energy expert teams offer effective action plans that make it possible to complete any project while ensuring that it is carried out in a sustainable way.

In addition, our teams of directors, project managers, engineers, foremen and technicians have know-how and expertise that stand out in our industry. Our experts are available to guide our clients throughout their achievements.

Thanks to the synergy that exists between the different teams of our organization, we can support all our clients so that their facilities are designed, implemented, and maintained according to the best practices.

Our ambition and our know-how allow us to be key players in this energy transition. I am proud of this shift and the solutions we are implementing for our clients!

– Simon Langevin, P.Eng., Director—Construction Management

Our energy expertise

To be able to meet every need of our various clienteles, our energy business line is divided into three aspects: energy efficiency, construction management, and asset maintenance.

Energy efficiency

• Energy audits

• Energy efficiency optimization plan

• Support for grant applications

In any type of building or process, we audit our clients’ facilities to identify energy and financial gains.

We then support our clients with grant applications. Once the plan is completed, our project management team takes over for the project.

Construction management

• Buildings (generator and heating system)

• Industrial processes

• Energy distribution (energy park and gas and commercial stations)

We support our clients in all phases of their project: design, supply management, construction management, and commissioning. Collaboration between our different business lines is essential and is an added value to our constant support in our achievements.

For example, at the start of a project, preliminary stages of geotechnical and environmental studies will be necessary to ensure the condition of the property. Subsequently, during construction, we will confirm the durability of the structures to be used with our materials engineering experts. In addition, during facility renovations, certain matters of concern such as asbestos could be discovered. In these cases, our specialists can plan a decontamination process.

Asset maintenance

• Master plan for asset maintenance

• Preventive maintenance of installations

• Reactive interventions on equipment

We can support our clients in the implementation of sustainable solutions on various energy sources to optimize the management of their assets. In addition, thanks to our recognized expertise, we can ensure that any type of installation meets the standards.

In the event of equipment failure, we offer a 24/7 emergency service in collaboration with our colleagues in site rehabilitation to meet all our customers’ needs. To limit environmental risks and comply with the various regulations in force, preventive maintenance plans must be put in place.

In addition, thanks to our network of trusted partners across Quebec, we can support our clients in managing their assets. Whether for unique or long-term needs, our team plans and manages all projects so that the facilities are sustainable.

Finally, our teams of experts make their expertise and know-how available to our clients to support them throughout their projects.