Modernizing your energy installations: the 7 advantages

According to Natural Resources Canada, 68% of total energy consumption comes from the real estate sector. This sector alone emits 58% of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Canada (25% for the industrial sector, 20% for the commercial and institutional sectors and 13% for the sector). 1

In addition to being extremely polluting, unoptimized building mechanics can cause several discomforts to occupants and can be extremely costly for a business. Every year, millions of dollars in penalties and fines are handed over to companies for their high GHG output. It is therefore in these situations that recognized expertise in energy efficiency takes on its importance. Energy efficiency, or what is sometimes called energy efficiency, refers to 2 “ the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services and can also reduce effects of air pollution”.

Modernizing your energy facilities not only reduces your ecological footprint, but also reaping significant economic and social benefits for your business.

– Louis-Gabriel Bouchard, B.Sc., M.Env., President & CEO

Our energy efficiency experts have put together a list of 7 advantages of modernizing and optimizing the energy installations of different buildings.

1.        Substantial return on investment

You will not be surprised if you are told that modernizing your energy facilities significantly reduces your energy bills.

When we talk about payback time, we refer to the point at which the cost of energy efficiency work is “reimbursed” by the energy savings generated. For example, replacing old fluorescent-type fixtures with LED lights allows for a rapid payback time, which is generally 1 to 2 years, depending on the characteristics of the building.

More efficient and optimized building mechanics therefore make it possible to obtain a return on investment in the years following the energy transition work carried out by experts.

2.     Process optimisation

During an energy audit, it is common to diagnose a problem in the processes or in the energy management of a building. When modernizing energy installations, our experts are used to offering solutions that will optimize the various internal processes of a company. These optimizations will therefore result in huge savings in time and money in day-to-day operations.

3.      Reduction of the environmental footprint 

One of the other significant benefits of modernizing its energy facilities is the reduction of its environmental footprint.

Many of the solutions offered by our experts allow our customers to make the transition from a fossil energy source (oil, gas, etc.) to a clean energy source such as hydroelectricity.

The objective of this transition is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction undoubtedly influences a company’s environmental footprint.

4.      Social acceptance

In addition to obtaining a return on a monetary investment, modernizing its energy facilities gives a company good visibility with society, but also with its employees, in terms of social acceptability. A company using sustainable practices and focusing on improving its energy efficiency will certainly stand out in the market.

The concepts of thermal comfort and energy saving are closely related, but it is wrong to think that saving energy reduces comfort. On the contrary, it can improve it through better control of his building.

The modernization of energy installations makes it easy to heat premises to the same set temperature, while consuming less energy. This is made possible thanks to new technologies which have a much higher coefficient of performance than an old boiler installation for example, and which is now considered obsolete and too energy intensive.

The 7 advantages of energy modernization presented in this article are integrated into our energy efficiency service offers. For our customers, we are therefore able to solve several problems in one go.

– Solange Lévesque, B.Sc., Mcb.A., MBA, Director | Building Sciences

5.      Better occupant comfort

By improving the energy management of your buildings, you offer all your occupants a comfortable workspace. Providing a comfortable indoor environment helps employee retention while minimizing complaints, which directly reduces absenteeism rates and, in turn, helps maximize the productivity of your teams.

6.      Recruitment

More and more employees are concerned about the environmental practices of the companies in which they operate. In addition, with the various trends of recent years, it is important to point out that adopting sustainable practices will improve and improve the process of recruiting and attracting new candidates to companies.

7.       Grant programs

Some might think that the investment of time and money in the whole process of modernizing their energy installations is too great and not worth the effort. However, our energy efficiency experts can support our customers throughout the process, and thus enable them to seek subsidies that will further reduce the payback times of energy modernizations.

Nvira is one of the experts listed in the Ecoleader Fund directory. As such, our services can be financed within the framework of a project submitted to the financing program of the Ecoleader Fund: the energy audit phase that we will carry out on your installations could then be subsidized up to 75%.

In a short time, we can perform the complete audit of the installations in order to highlight the elements that can be optimized in order to obtain a more than interesting return on investment! Subsequently, our experts will be present to carry out plans and specifications, support during grant applications, commissioning (commissioning) and finally, maintenance and upgrading of installations (recommissioning). Our experts take care of the project from A to Z to avoid any hassle.

The modernization of energy installations is therefore becoming essential for any company aiming to ensure the sustainability of its equipment and installations.