About Nvira

A history of experts and collaboration

Our history is the history of our experts in the field, our consultants, our clients and our visionary management team.

Without these partnerships, Nvira would not be what it is today.




Since its beginnings in 2009, Nvira’s team of experts is offering integrated and personalized solutions for environmental consulting and project management to its various clienteles in the worlds of real estate, finance, insurance, oil and gas, industrial and commercial.

For each mandate, all teams work tirelessly to support clients in all stages of their projects: design, implementation of the solution, diagnostics, and post-work follow-up. Our experts are also present throughout the life cycle of our customers’ facilities.

While being complementary, the four business lines of Nvira each offer a range of expertise, allowing them to follow the evolution of the needs of their customers in environmentsoil and materials, building sciences and landscape architecture. Through its organic growth and some acquisitions, the ecosystem of solutions offered by Nvira’s experts continues to evolve, while being in line with its vision of creating the environment of the future.


A new brand, symbolizing our growth and evolution

In 2020, in the wake of multiple acquisitions and mergers, the organization decided to bring all of its brands together under a single banner. Eagerly looking to the future, the company changed its name to Nvira and reaffirmed its desire to be its clients’ go to solution for their environmental needs.

This simple, unique and distinctive new identity makes it easier to integrate the services of our various divisions and present our clients with a comprehensive and accessible service offering, with everything under one roof.





To support our customers to have a positive impact on the environment.


To work together to create the environment of the future



All of the beliefs the members of our organization share and strive to put into practice.

For Nvira, excellence is about giving high-quality services, based on stringent processes and employees’ expertise and engagement.

We connect with our clients to build and foster authentic, compassionate relationships.

The status quo is not an option. Every action, regardless of its nature, aims to move the organization forward. Progress implies constant forward movement and an unwavering desire for transformation and continuous improvement.

Our team is committed to client satisfaction. Our work environment nurtures professional excellence.

Our team: our greatest asset

We want our talented staff to grow as professionals in their field. We listen to our employees and give them opportunities to develop their skills and take on new challenges within the company. Nvira now has near than 100 passionate and experienced employees. Our energetic project managers, supervisors and technicians strive for excellence every step of the way.

It’s thanks to our employees that Nvira is able to carry out the projects entrusted to us with professionalism, know how and ambition.


Our management team

Our directors of operations