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From a sustainable development perspective, understanding and knowing the impacts of our actions on the environment are essential. The natural environment is under great pressure from climate change, population growth and urbanization, as well as from industrial development.

Our expertise in impact assessment allows us to support our clients in planning their projects to reduce the repercussions on the ecosystems around us.

Our multidisciplinary team includes biologists, geographers, hydrogeologists, geologists, landscape architects as well as various specialists in fauna and flora who support our clients in various phases of their projects.

  • Sustainability audit
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Request for permits and authorizations
  • Inventories and planning
  • Surveillance and impacts monitoring
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Sustainability audit

Sustainability audit

The social acceptability of your projects

We want to support our clients in the optimization of all their projects, but also get the social acceptance of the communities living close to these projects. To achieve the best possible social acceptability, our experts carry out sustainability audits which collect a lot of data on the factors involved in the project, whether economic, social or environmental.

These sustainability audits allow us to offer our customers sustainable solutions tailored to their needs, while making recommendations on the performance of the environmental programs in place in the company. Our experts can analyze environmental liabilities as well as sustainable development practices and plans, in addition to performing the environmental due diligence checks that are necessary during financial transactions.

Therefore, sustainability audits allow our clients to fully understand the various environmental issues that are related to their projects, and thus to put in place solutions that are adapted to this environment.

Environmental and social impact assessment

Environmental and social impact assessment

Have the right information from the beginning

At Nvira, we are committed to supporting our clients throughout their project, while keeping the various environmental issues in mind. We also help our clients to fully understand the various repercussions that a project can have on the environment, but also on the communities.

Our environmental and social impact assessments are carried out to ensure compliance with government requirements, while integrating aspects of environmental, social and economic issues. These studies include action plans as well as recommendations to reduce a project’s impacts.

Our team of experts is present throughout the environmental and social impact assessment process so that the project is carried out according to the various characteristics of the environment in which our client finds himself.

The environmental and social impact assessment process also comes with the preparation of prevention plans and emergency plans. Our environmental experts can respond quickly to any type of situation, while making sure to put in place the most suitable solution for our customers’ situation.

Request for permits and authorizations

Request for permits and authorizations

Trust the experts

Our recognized experience in the environmental sector allows us to effectively support our clients throughout the process of applying for necessary authorizations permits and/or certificates before the execution of a project. Regardless of the type of regulations in force in the context of a project, our experts can guide our clients with rigour.

Our teams in place make sure to analyze the project as a whole to proceed with the various permits or authorization requests according to the different stages of the work, in order to avoid any additional delays. Our clients can therefore have the peace of mind throughout the process, as our teams take care of all requests, while ensuring that due diligence is done.

Natural environments

Natural environments

A project adapted to your environment

Thanks to our vast knowledge in terms of natural environments and the elements that compose them, we are able to support our clients in the implementation of inventory-taking protocols for different types of habitats, natural environments and wetland. These inventories will allow our customers to carefully choose the location of their projects, and thus assess their impact on the environment.

In collaboration with our landscape architecture team, we support our clients in the implementation of development and restoration plans for certain habitats, in addition to ecological and geomatic mapping. In addition, our experts can characterize flora and fauna habitats (terrestrial and aquatic).

Finally, our teams can assist you in developing mitigation, offset and monitoring measures in the course of work.

Surveillance and impacts monitoring

Surveillance and impacts monitoring

A rigorous process for the peace of mind

Our experts are present throughout the projects to carry out environmental monitoring. This monitoring is carried out keeping in mind the various regulations in force as well as the needs of our customers to limit environmental issues.

The surveillance and impact monitoring process also allow our experts to respond to the various environmental requirements that come with any type of project, and that are found in the permits and / or authorizations. Whether it is for wetlands, fauna, flora, water or soil, our experts are able to monitor projects so that all stages are carried out with respect for the environment around us, and thus, limit the impacts on the latter.

In environmental emergencies, our team of experts make sure to intervene as quickly as possible to limit the impacts, while putting in place response plans for these situations.