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Cutting-edge expertise in environmental services

Nvira Environment’s experienced and highly qualified team of managers, project leads and environmental technicians is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We serve hundreds of clients in a variety of markets.

We offer the following environmental services:

  • Environmental site assessment (phase I)
  • Environmental site characterization (phase II)
  • Contaminated site rehabilitation
  • In situ treatment of soil and groundwater
  • 24/7 emergency response to environmental disasters
  • Brokerage for disposal of contaminated soil and residual materials
  • Attestation of reports in accordance with the Environmental Quality Act
  • Legal expertise and second opinions
  • Characterization of natural environments
  • Environmental impact assessment in accordance with provincial and federal regulations
  • Assistance with and preparation of authorization certificate applications
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Our environmental department is staffed by teams specializing in contaminated site rehabilitation. As a licensed general contractor and oil and gas contractor, Nvira can serve as your project manager or oversee operations, depending on your needs. Our qualified teams ensure that work is completed safely, on time and at the best price.

Whether through turnkey rehabilitation by excavation, site decontamination using in situ soil and groundwater treatment, or an emergency response after a leak or spill, Nvira puts its knowledge to work for you.


Do you have contaminated soil to manage? Are you looking for the best treatment and disposal option on the market? Our province-wide presence and solid partnerships mean we can provide an option that takes into account both regulations and your budget.

For development projects involving off-site handling and management of soils—particularly soil disposal and treatment—with or without transportation, contact us, and we’ll help you optimize your costs in a single phone call!


Our environmental services extend to geo-environmental expertise. This discipline draws on multiple engineering specialties to produce comprehensive environmental impact studies and environmental health reports at every project stage.

Our geological engineers examine the impact of human interactions (e.g., pollution and waste management) and natural risks on the environment being studied. Our team of hydrogeological engineers assesses contaminated water and develops solutions to treat it and prevent it from spreading and contaminating nearby groundwater and water tables.


Our teams of engineers and professionals complete assessments and analyses of natural environments that may be at risk during a project. We assess potential risks and impacts following a strict method that allows us to make reliable projections. Our analyses help us quickly identify risks to the environment and to the health of people visiting the studied site.

Our services prevent serious health risks caused by site contamination and help our clients meet applicable national, provincial and municipal standards.



Tecsol becomes Nvira

Nvira Environment, formerly Tecsol, is supported by the same dedicated team of managers, engineers, professionals and technicians. The name change reflects the merging of Groupe Petrosol’s companies, which will allow us to provide a more integrated service experience by bringing our diverse expertise under one roof.