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A ton of challenges, a team of experts recognized in their field, trustworthy relationships with our clients, opportunities for advancement that match your ambitions, large-scale projects throughout Quebec, and a 360 Package that keeps getting better and better: that’s really what awaits you at the Nvira Adventure!

360 Package

What our experts think

Our experts

What our experts think

“To be part of the Nvira Adventure is first and foremost to collaborate in a fulfilling way with colleagues and clients who are ultimately our partners. Moreover, the diversity of our projects across Quebec keeps the challenges alive on a daily basis, while arousing interest and the desire to get more involved. If you have a taste for a great adventure, come on board with Nvira!”

— Gillis Kpossou, Director – Geotechnical engineering

“It is a privilege to be part of the big Nvira family! Every day we work on challenging projects, while being surrounded by colleagues who all have the same goal: To create the environment of tomorrow together.”

— Jessica McCarthy, Technician — Building Sciences

“For me, being part of the Nvira Adventure means having the chance to participate in large-scale projects, while guiding our clients at every stage. Thanks to our multiple expertises, we have the opportunity to surpass ourselves on a daily basis.”

— Maeva Morin, Drafter – Environment

“For me, the Nvira Adventure is about collaborating as a team on our quest to create the environment of tomorrow. It is this same quest that motivates me to surpass myself on a daily basis and that allows me to develop in my field of expertise. Being part of a team like Nvira’s gives us an energy that is felt by all the employees.”

— Hamza Boutaib, Team Leader — Geotechnical engineering

“Being part of the Nvira Aventure allows us to surpass ourselves on a daily basis, while having the opportunity to grow professionally within the organization. Moreover, the collaboration and the proximity with our colleagues and clients allow us to deliver quality projects that respect our high quality standards. It is truly a daily pleasure to be part of a team of experts in environmental solutions.”

— Frédérique Leblanc, Director – Marketing & Communications
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Onboarding and integration

Personalized onboarding days + time with your manager = successful integration!

Our integration process is indeed personalized for each new colleague. However, for each of them, a few things are always on the agenda: tour of the offices, presentations of the company and the different teams, discussions with key Nvira people, and distribution of goodies in Nvira colors!

A variety of projects for a variety of clients

What distinguishes Nvira in the market is the variety of projects carried out by its experts. Our valued clients are located in various fields, which is why our project portfolio is perfect.

On a daily basis, we support our clients from the real estate, financial, insurance, industrial and commercial sectors. In addition, whether for private or public clients, our experts create long-term relationships with our clients.

Being part of the Nvira Adventure means having the chance to collaborate with a wide variety of clients, and never having a day that is the same!

2 modern offices

Nvira’s experts have the opportunity to collaborate in two completely renovated offices in Quebec City or Montreal.

Our two modern offices include numerous collaboration spaces, rest areas, large and bright cafeterias, fitness centres, as well as several free parking spaces, in addition to being accessible by bike and by metro (for the one in Montreal!).

Need fuel to start your day? No problem, we have everything you need in our Nvira Cafés: beverages available at will!

Continuing Education and Mentoring

Whether you’ve been with Nvira for 1 week or 5 years, you’ll benefit from our continuing education program that allows you to continue your professional development while being part of a team of experts!

Our continuing education program is tailored to your area of expertise, while allowing you to deepen your knowledge in related fields.

As an added bonus, you also have access to mentoring to further your knowledge.

OHS Committee

Nvira takes everyone’s health and safety very seriously! Our OHS committee can therefore respond effectively and quickly to questions regarding health and safety in the workplace.

This committee, made up of employees from different teams, has as the objective to identify and prevent hazards at the source, to make employees aware of these hazards and the measures put in place to protect them, to promote the importance of health and safety, to follow up on OHS-related statistics and to ensure that the accident and incident register is properly kept.

Let’s get together!

Since it is important to get away from it all (a lot!) and have fun with our colleagues, Nvira’s social club makes sure to organize several activities to create a close bond with our colleagues.

Whether you are based in Montreal or Quebec City, there is no shortage of ideas for getting together (virtually or otherwise) to have a good time with your team!

In addition, thanks to several communication channels, we make sure to stay on top of what’s going on within the company, but also to have a little social time with colleagues! Our annual and quarterly Town Halls allow us to prepare for the different stages of the year. Finally, our monthly and weekly meetings allow us to have a special time with our manager to review current projects.

Career path 

As we believe in the development of our colleagues, several continuous training processes are offered to you and can help you improve and develop your career.

In addition, there are many opportunities for career advancement within our teams, as many of our colleagues can attest!

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Job offers


Technician – Geotechnical Engineering

Technician ― Materials engineering
Montreal and Quebec City

Technician — Environment
Montreal and Quebec City

Technician – Landscape Architecture

Technician – Building Sciences
Quebec City

Project Manager – Landscape Architecture
Montreal and Quebec City

Intermediate Project Manager ― Geoenvironment
Montreal and Quebec City

Team Lead – Environmental Impact Assessment
Montreal, Quebec City or Gatineau

Team Lead ― Materials Engineering

Team Lead ― Geoenvironment
Quebec City

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