Hygiene, health and safety

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Hygiene, health and safety

For your health and comfort

Our hygiene, health and safety services can be adapted to meet your needs. Our scientific approach enables us to deliver objective and comprehensive results. If issues arise, our experts can provide clear and specific recommendations to address the situation.

We offer a range of services to ensure optimum air quality and a safe work environment:

  • Assessment of workers’ exposure to industry contaminants, including hazardous materials
  • Characterization of asbestos in buildings and asbestos removal management
  • Compliance of clean rooms and other controlled areas
  • Training in industrial hygiene, health and safety, and safe asbestos management
  • Indoor air quality audits, including audits for LEED and BOMA certification
  • Legal expertise and second opinions on mould and indoor air quality
  • Fungal decontamination management and post-decontamination testing
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Our occupational hygiene specialists assist companies in identifying contaminants present on a site.

During industrial hygiene interventions, we can assess workers’ exposure to contaminants, verify compliance with occupational exposure standards and issue clear recommendations for maintaining and improving worker health and safety.

Our studies follow recognized sampling protocols and current standards. Our experienced staff investigate and sample contaminants using high-precision devices, then perform analyses in recognized and accredited laboratories, which ensures that results are reliable.


Contaminants in indoor air and environments can affect all types of buildings. Our inspection, air quality auditing and laboratory analysis services provide precise objective results to improve the comfort and health of occupants.

Ensuring that indoor air quality is in line with current standards and issuing a certificate of compliance helps reassure building occupants. When pollutants are present, our experts can issue clear and specific recommendations for resolving the issue, including decontamination protocols.


Our air laboratory and certified team perform valid and reliable analyses. Because the health and safety of our clients is our top priority, every step of an analysis is done with great care and attention to detail. Our experienced professionals and our quality assurance program guarantee that work is completed quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of precision.


Our experts can help you establish a thorough decontamination and disinfection process, so you can resume operations as soon as possible.



Airmax Environnement becomes Nvira

Nvira Hygiene, health and safety was created from the merger of Airmax Environnement, Habitair and Laboratoire Verdict with other Groupe Petrosol companies. Our clients can now enjoy integrated service that draws on a range of expertise, according to the requirements of their project. Our managers, work teams and quality of work remain the same.