The environment: the centre of our actions

For our four lines of business, each team has only one vision: to work together to create the environment of the future. Therefore, there is no surprise when we say that we make sure to offer perfectly integrated and personalized solutions for the environment of today, and the one of tomorrow. Regarding our line of business specialized in environment, whether it is in impact assessment , geo-environmental expertise or site remediation, this vision is also found in each action of this team. In the next lines, you will learn more about our expertise in the environmental sector.

What makes us different

Without any doubt, what sets us apart from the competition as environmental solutions experts is, among other things, our know-how, but also the fact that we offer integrated and personalized solutions for the needs of our customers, everywhere in the province of Quebec and the surrounding provinces.

As leaders in our industry, we are able to do consulting and design, but we can also provide turnkey management of projects of any size for our clients. Often designated as consultant experts, we also make sure to offer the best solution for each problem, whether in impact assessment, geo-environmental expertise or site remediation.

Always looking for solutions, we make sure to offer all possible options to our customers in order to support them in every project.

– Martin Dostie, Senior Director — Environment

Moreover, collaborating with Nvira teams also means having the chance to work with experts who are accredited by the Ministère de l’Environnement, and who are able to attest reports related to the Environmental Quality Act. Therefore, in the event of legal dispute, our professionals can assist you.

Due to the synergy that operates between the different lines of business at Nvira, all of our teams work together to support our clients throughout various projects. Our spirit of collaboration is evident in many cases, whether simple or complex, and this is what makes us different at Nvira.

For example, we frequently work with our soil and materials colleagues to do environmental assessments before they do geotechnical studies. In addition, during the rehabilitation of a property that contains asbestos, we call on building sciences experts to assist us in setting up an asbestos removal protocol. On the other hand, during an environmental disaster related to a petroleum product leak, we collaborate with our site remediation colleagues who quickly secure the site so that our team can proceed with the decontamination.

Our environmental expertise

The engineers, geologists, architects, geographer, landscape architects, biologists and professionals of our team pool their various expertise in order to offer complete solutions to our customers. Whether it is for the dismantling of an oil site, an intervention during an environmental disaster, the conceptualization of their external environment or for legal appraisals, our clients from the real estate, oil, financial, industrial and insurance sectors collaborate with only one team of experts for all their projects.

The close relationships we maintain with our clients as well as our agility allow us to offer turnkey solutions that suit any type of project, regardless of the size.

– Sandra Fournier, Team Leader — Geo-environmental expertise

In order to provide services that meet the expectations of our customers, our environmental line of business has four broad teams: impact assessment, geo-environmental expertise and site remediation.

Impact assessment

• Sustainability audit

• Environmental and social impact assessment

• Request for permits and authorizations

• Inventories and planning

• Surveillance and impacts monitoring

Geo-environmental expertise

• Pre-project studies

• Environmental site assessment (phase I)

• Environmental site characterization (phase II)

• Validation of materials to detect the presence of PCBs, asbestos, lead, mould, etc.

• Environmental monitoring during decontamination work

• Legal expertise in environmental issues

Site rehabilitation

• Management of site decontamination work

• In situ soils and water treatment (scientific approach focused on the specificities of water and soils)

• Environmental disaster management (24/7 emergency services)

• Dismantling of petroleum equipment and contaminated infrastructure

• Brokerage of contaminated soils and residual materials

As you can see, our know-how in impact assessment, geo-environmental expertise and site remediation allows us to meet different types of needs in the realization of sustainable projects, all across the province of Quebec and the surrounding provinces.

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