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Building sciences

Modernizing your energy installations: the 7 advantages

According to Natural Resources Canada, 68% of total energy consumption comes from the real estate sector. This sector alone emits 58% of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Canada (25% for the…

Building sciences

Ensure the health and safety of the occupants of your buildings

With the lockdown being lifted across Quebec, many companies are choosing to return to work in their offices this fall, or at the beginning of 2022. This is excellent news…

Building sciences

A Safe and Healthy Workplace

In each of the business lines at Nvira, our experts adapt to the different needs of our varied clienteles to offer them integrated and personalized solutions. Therefore, it is not…

Building sciences

The energy of our daily actions

At Nvira, our business lines support our clients in their projects, always having in mind our vision to work together to create the environment of the future. Due to our…